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Freon™ MO99 refrigerant
The Quick Switch from R-22

Case History: Freon™ MO99 Provides Superior Energy Performance vs. R-407F in Supermarket Conversions

Freon™ MO99 (R-438A) is the most versatile R-22 replacement refrigerant in the Freon™ product line. It combines R-22 pressure-enthalpy characteristics with mineral oil compatibility in a unique HFC refrigerant that can be used in R-22 replacement over a wide range of evaporator temperatures.

As an R-22 replacement, Freon™ MO99 may be used in a wide range of applications and has advantages over other R-22 replacements. Freon™ MO99 has been designed to closely match the pressure, temperature, enthalpy, and mass flow properties of R-22, for a seamless R-22 replacement. Freon™ MO99 has a 42% lower global warming potential (GWP) than R-404A.

Freon™ MO99 matches R-22 in terms of capacity and efficiency in most systems, but with a significantly lower discharge temperature that may prolong life of the compressor. It is compatible with traditional and new lubricants, providing quick, cost-effective R-22 replacement, and can be topped off during service without removing the entire refrigerant charge.

For most R-22 systems, when retrofitting to Freon™ MO99,  all you need to do is recover the R-22, replace critical seals, charge refrigerant, restart and monitor for leaks, label the system with an Freon MO99 retrofit label, and you're done. R-22 replacement can’t get any easier. The peel-off Freon™ MO99 retrofit labels are attached to the 25-lb disposable cylinder.

To find out more about Freon™ MO99, contact a refrigerants by Chemours distributor in your area.

Retrofit Guidelines
Freon™ MO99 Retrofit Guidelines

Read prior to R-22 replacement.
Retrofit Label

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R-22 Retrofits During Service Calls
R-22 Retrofits During Service Calls

R-22 replacement. An opportunity for contractors.

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